Fueled by the Adventure

Capsize is a Canadian East Coast company that was born on the banks of a Gaspésie river,
from the combination of our passion for fly fishing and video. Our roots come from skateboarding,
snowboarding, music and counterculture in general. For us, fishing is more than a hobby;
it is a way of life. It also means strong emotional moments and a rich and inspiring community.
It's reconnecting with nature and the present moment, it's a cure for the world that goes too fast.

In recent years, we have been seeing major changes in mindsets and the practice of the sport.
We feel a growing interest in the community for the preservation and improvement of the resource.
We want to be part of that change and get involved in this cause that is close to our hearts.

Capsize is inspired by all those Fueled by the Adventure of Fishing under
the rain and under the midday sun because they just can’t stop.

« 100 days a year… »
               Jake Burton Carpenter