February 16, 2023 2 min read

Catch of the week: Yan's story

Fishing and fly fishing have always, or almost, been part of my daily life. My father was a passionate fisherman, and he never missed a chance to be on or in the water. Fortunately, I was very often with him, except during those distant salmon fishing trips.

Tarpon Fish
Life unfortunately moved a little too fast and fishing became very rare. In 2017/2018, when everything around me was falling apart, I had the chance to see fly fishermen and even experience a special day with them during which I was taught some tricks and basics of this sport that is so fascinating. It quickly became much more than a sport, much more than a passion, but a real need in me... A real therapy !

Salmon guide
It is inexplicable to say why fly fishing has become so important to me... I think it is the challenge in terms of accessing some spots, in the way we must read the water and apply certain techniques for a bite. I think it's because of the adventures. I think it’s because of nature. I think it's because I meet crazy people, just like me. I think it’s because I live the present moment, with myself. II think it’s the accumulation of a certain wisdom, a wisdom that I hope to be able to pass on to one I love the most.
My First Salmon
I think fishing is so important to me for days like this. A chilly August day in which my little ones were eager to see the king of the rivers swimming in a river pool. For the cause, we chose the West Pabos river – thanks to the wonderful advice of René Giroux, head of the ZEC. He told us how this river and its pools are more than perfect for children. When we arrived at the pool, we quickly understood why! Hundreds of salmon in front of us in the clearest water... A pool with a large bank on which the children have space to work their rod... And what about the nature around it...
Fish on

Everything was there for a perfect conclusion, a first salmon for my princess Romy! It must be said that Samuel, our little one, but oh such a great guide, did a lot of work on the net, while giving lots of encouragement to his sister. Moreover, a few days earlier, it was he who brought back a magnificent blue salmon in the waters of the Bonaventure river.

Kid with salmon
Finally, I withdraw that it is for me inexplicable to say why fly fishing has become so important to me. They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Here are the thousand words of my ‘’why’
 - Yan

Kids fishing hats