August 29, 2023 2 min read

I had no idea that in 2023 I was going to live my dream, but more importantly, our dream of the famous Fraser River. It all started in early December when my partner said, "Let's do it!" Without hesitation, we began to plan everything: flights, hotels, the trip – it was like a fairy tale.

As the months went by, the countdown kept decreasing. Finally, that day arrived on August 2, 2023... Needless to say, after 6 months of waiting, we were more than excited. The long-awaited moment at 7:00 am had come – the adventure was finally beginning. Line in the water, the guide explained to us how to do it, what we would have to do, basically the instructions to follow.

1 to 2 hours passed, nothing, no bites, but we saw sturgeons on the sonar. The action was elusive... and then suddenly, a rod goes off, adrenaline rises, we're there watching the line go, the guide rushes to the rod, looks at me and says, "Alright, you want that big sturgeon, well, you're going to get it!"


man and sturgeon


I had no idea that a 1 hour and 15 minute battle awaited me. Arms exhausted, legs tired, I was on the brink of giving up, but the guys were there to encourage me to persevere and keep fighting against it. It was 1 hour and 15 minutes later that we finally saw it. The sense of accomplishment within me was unimaginable. Adrenaline subsiding, tears in my eyes, I still couldn't believe it. I was there, standing in front of my dream, in front of my dream trip! A magnificent 8.2-foot, 350-pound sturgeon had given me the most beautiful fight of my life!


Big sturgeon with woman


We admired the creature for several minutes to allow it to regain its energy, an over 80-year-old creature! The colors, the details on its skin were beautiful. We let it go, I was drained, my arms trembling at the slightest movement, I didn't know where to put my emotions.

Now it was time to head back, we returned to the boat. Lines back in the water for the next catch, hardly enough time to talk and look at our photos when another rod decides to take off. Excited, my partner seizes the opportunity, he unhooks the rod. A huge battle awaits him now, as his sturgeon doesn't want to leave the bottom. An hour-long struggle between him and the fish. Unable to take the rod, all I could do was encourage him not to give up, to give all the strength he had in him. His smile, his sparkling eyes, he was like a child at Christmas.

After an hour, we finally see his sturgeon near the boat, the guide exclaims, "He's enormous!" Upon reaching the boat, measuring tape in hand, it was an over 8.9-foot, 450-pound sturgeon for my partner. What an adventure, being able to experience such a beautiful passion is priceless! A journey that will forever be etched in our hearts.

-Pamela Godin


Big Sturgeon


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